Meet The Team

LLoyd Hassencahl, Creative & Marketing Director for Design Solutions

LLoyd Hassencahl
Creative & Marketing Director for Design Solutions

LLoyd is a summa cum laude graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles California where he received 3 Merit Scholarships during his studies. His early career included becoming the Fashion Director of Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills (at the youthful age of 26), where he launched the Donna Karan Collection and a host of Fashion Designers in the vibrant Los Angeles Market. His creative energy and fashion business acumen gave him the nickname of “Doctor Fashion” during his 8 year tenure at Saks Fifth Avenue. Opportunities in Product Development and Design Team Management followed eventually leading to a position with Nordstrom Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, where LLoyd became the Fashion Trend Analyst involved in Brand Marketing and Strategic Planning for the quickly expanding luxury retailer. Throughout his career, LLoyd has gained a well-rounded expertise and understanding of the Design, Merchandising, and Marketing of luxury products.

In 1998 LLoyd meet John and Cynthia Hardy, owners of the John Hardy Jewelry Company in Bali, Indonesia. The chemistry clicked, and LLoyd found himself making the international move to Bali to become the Director of Merchandising and Product Development for John Hardy Jewelry. The productive relationship thrived for 8 years as the Collection became the second best selling Designer Jewelry Brand in the US market.

LLoyd began an Interior Design firm called Design Solutions, in 2007. The company’s beginnings were rather humble, with a crowded home office and a hand-picked Design Team in which LLoyd intuitively saw great potential. Early projects involved renovating and developing new interior concepts for destination restaurants and Boutique Hotels. Over the past 8 years, Design Solutions has become the go-to Interior Design firm for owners of high-end villas, destination restaurants and Boutique Resorts.

Lily Sita, Design Solutions Head of Operations

Lily Sita
Design Solutions Head of Operations

Lily's background in Construction and Factory Operations Management in Indonesia and Malaysia exposed her to the gritty and demanding role of “making it happen” in the world of manufacturing. In her role as Operations Head for Design Solutions, Lily has organized very complex and multi-faceted Design Projects involving a host of vendors and craftsmen. Being clear on what’s needed and the quality expectations isn’t so easy to execute, however Lily is a consummate professional at Operational objectives and results.

Lily also handles the company’s strategic planning, financial accounts, and financial planning. Lily is a pioneer in her Management Role for Design Solutions, as most Operations Executives in Indonesia are men. Her dedication, capabilities, and perseverance demonstrated in her role as Operations Head is greatly responsible for the quality of products produced by Design Solutions.

Rani Trevelyan, Design Solutions Head of Design

Rani Trevelyan
Design Solutions Head of Design

Rani has proved to be one of those rare individuals who are gifted with “natural design talent”. LLoyd recognized this aptitude very early in Rani’s career with Design Solutions and has personally mentored her into a top-notch design force for the company. Rani’s East-meets-West contemporary design aesthetic is refined, modern, and international in scope.

Rani’s Interior Design work has resulted in a diverse array of enthusiastic Clients for over 8 years. Rani's ability to read a Client and design for their personal space is always on target with extraordinary results.

Exposure to all things Asian combined with her frequent travels to North America, with her Canadian Sculpture Husband David, has sensitized Rani to a global way of expressing design. With her design expertise Rani creates an eclectic-modern mix in her Interior work that celebrates each client’s individuality.

I Gusti Ayu Trisnadewi, Design Solutions Head Architect

I Gusti Ayu Trisnadewi
Design Solutions Head Architect

I Gusti Ayu Sri Trisnadewi, professionally known as Trisna, did something most high-cast Balinese girls don’t do ... she became an Architect.

While astonishing her parents by her decision and drive to become a modern professional woman, Trisna’s talent for Architecture was recognized and encouraged by her Professors at The Architectural Studies at Udayana University.

Trisna’s career has taken her from her beginnings as an Architectural Drafter to Staff Architect for Singaporean Architect, Yew Kuan Cheong, where she worked on prestigious projects including the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles.

In 2012, Trisna joined Design Solutions where she is the Senior Architect for the firm. Her roles include designing stunning Architecture for Luxury Villas, Boutique Resorts, and Destination Restaurants in Bali and Southeast Asia. Trisna is also gifted in furniture design.

Trisna was responsible for the refined architectural drawings and material specifications for the Wedding Chapel and Dining Pergola at Bulgari Resort Bali. Design Solutions was the Local Indonesian Architecture Firm in collaboration with Antonio Citterio / Patricia Viel & Partners Architects, Milan, Italy. Trisna’s work resulted in iconic structures that set a modernist tone for tropical resort design.